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Andy Warhol is one of the most important artists of this century. He was known primarily as the "father of Pop Art". Andy Warhol posters encompasses a diversity of images from those of Mao to Elvis, from drag queens to Jacqueline Kennedy, and Coca-Cola to the electric chair. A pop cultural icon himself, his social role is just as influential as his artwork.

Andy Warhol Posters - Marilyn Monroe 1964
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Warhol became famous in his own lifetime for his pop art and remains a legend today, though many are unaware of the magnitude and the diversity of his work. Andy Warhol posters, prints and quotes are found everywhere in popular culture, but many don't know they come from this man.

Warhol was responsible for the notoriously overused "everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes" quote. This quote is often misused and should really be read as "in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes."

Andy Warhol posters are probably most famous for the use of repetitive images, including Campbell's Soup cans and other silkscreen series. Among some of his most famous silk-screens are Marilyn Monroe, Gumby and Che Guevara. Andy did not limit his talents to his print art. He met success in every endeavor he chose, including photography, film and sculpture.

He has been an inspiration for many, including artists, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, writers and the population at large. People love him and are fascinated not only by his art, but also by his appearance, his entourage and his elusive personality.

He was a very complicated artist, and even those who knew him best have trouble describing him. This site will try to present information about the artist and his artwork, namely his print artwork, and provide a basis for further study. On this site, you can view his work in our gallery and find Andy Warhol posters and his other work.


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